The Bowie

Although run down and low class, this neighborhood exudes a strong sense of renewal. People walk around, even after dark, devoid of the fear commonly attributed to such a downtrodden place. The sidewalks and the small park look clean and carefully maintained; and the homes, while small and closely packed, appear well taken care of. The name “The Bowie” comes from the main street that runs through the neighborhood, Jim Bowie Lane.

The neighborhood

The quick turn around here can be attributed to Mr. Henry Clay, a software developer from San Antonio. Mr. Clay bought out all the businesses here, except The Bowie Knife, about three years ago. Since then he has pumped a lot of money into restoring the park and making the neighborhood more presentable. Perhaps his most important contribution was installing The Neighborhood Watch Committee.

Places of Note:

Bowie’s Tavern – The jewel of The Bowie. Stop in for a Steak Sandwich and home brewed ale.

The Bowie Knife – The one stop shop for today’s urban warrior.

Jim Bowie Community Park – A convenient escape from the confusion and noise of urban life.

The Hyperion Hotel – Before the neighborhood went to hell, this was a popular hotel for tourists.

The Rumor Mill

“Ol’ Mac puts “something” in those steak sandwiches that makes folks love ’em so much!"

“Those Neighborhood Watch fellas are no joke. They patrol for hours on end and I saw one of ‘em take a bullet without even flinchin’!”

“Wonder what’s going on at the old hotel?? I see people coming and going at all hours of the night.”

“Somethin’ just ain’t right around here man. I know it looks all shiny and new, but somethin’ strange is happenin’. I can feel it!”

The Bowie

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