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Diners, Dives, and Drive-Thrus

All around me are familiar faces

Worn out places, worn out faces

—Mad World, Tears for Fears

The Casinos

Looking to get separated from some coin? Who knows you might even hit it big. Don’t get in too deep though or you might end up owing more than you can pay.

Casino Vincent – A casino that seems to have come back from the brink of bankruptcy and quickly rose to the top.

Dante’s Casino – The hottest joint on the strip. The who’s who casino of choice.

The Crystal Note – A casino that takes ya back, its like a wax museum with a pulse.

Shady Corners

Fighter’s Row – A good place to learn some moves… or learn to spit teeth.

The Bowie – Formerly a place to avoid, this neighborhood is now on the rebound.

Reputable Businesses

The Birdcage – Jazz joint, also home of Simone Tyner

Paradiso Public Library – Looking for a good book? Old Book? Dark Book? Check here first.

Worthington Tower – Center for commercial business, owned by Lucille Worthington

Religious Sanctuaries

The Lodge – Sweat lodge run by Chico come here if your looking for spiritual guidance

Church on the Rock – A lovely Baptist church, a big hit with the locals

The Sleeze

The Red District – Sins of the flesh abound! You looking for a good time sailor?

Wonders of Nature

Cuyamaco State Park – Looking to get in touch with nature? Careful, nature has teeth…

Interesting Stops

The Reservation – What was once a shameful place, has risen as a premier tourist attraction.

The supernatural

The Wishing Well – Be careful what u wish for, the price may be steep…


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