Thomas Ashby (aka Simon Moore)

Bartender at Bowie's Tavern


Profession: Former SEAL/CIA SAD, currently employed as bartender
DOB: August 20, 1976

Thomas’ mother died from a drug over dose when he was 11. His grandfather sent him to the Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia. After graduation, Thomas went to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, and then on to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school.

Thomas ashby

After four years as a SEAL, Thomas was recruited in to the Special Activities Division of the CIA. He spent three years in an official capacity with the CIA, then met the girl of his dreams.

On June 9, 2007 he was wed to Ava. Wanting to spend more time at home, he took on the role of Specialized Skills Officer, training operatives in Demolitions and Firearms. The next few years were the happiest of his life.

In early 2010 his marriage became a little strained, so he decided to go to work for Legacy Security and Courier Services, a Private Military Corporation. The pay was very good and he thought the separation could save his marriage. Things went as planned. He made a lot of money, and he and Ava were happy again.

Thomas was sent to Syria on a job to help stymie the uprising of the Free Syrian Army. A group was allegedly holed up in an old hospital, and his team was sent to bring down the building under cover of darkness. Wiring the basement went off without a hitch, but on the way out he caught a glimpse of someone wearing a nurse’s uniform. Upon further investigation Thomas realized the hospital wasn’t full of insurgents, it was full of patients. He quickly got back to the team leader to deliver this intel. His only response was, “You must be mistaken.” as he detonated the explosives.

Splodey building

Thomas returned home to find his wife killed in a murder/suicide involving her lover, and his grandfather dead from an apparent heart attack. His home was in foreclosure and his bank accounts were all empty. With things spiraling out of control quickly, he decided it best to get out of town.

So here we are. For the last few months, Thomas has taken on the alias Simon Moore working as a bar tender in Paradiso. It’s a small, quiet little bar called Bowie’s Tavern, a couple blocks from the Fighters’ Row. The owner lets him board in a little room upstairs, and nobody gives much notice to the seemingly old bartender going about his business.

Thomas Ashby (aka Simon Moore)

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