Jack Falconi

Retired Boxer, now part time trainer


DOB March 10, 1964
Profession: Retired Boxer, now part time trainer.

Jack Falconi was a big deal in the eighties. He started his career at 18 and quickly rose through the ranks of the middleweight class. With fights against both Hagler and Hearns, Jack was making big headlines in the boxing world. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last. A Split decision loss against Sugar Ray Leonard, which many in the business disagreed with, cost Jack a shot at the Middleweight title and he quickly lost ground after that, still a formidable gatekeeper, his career lost steam and he eventually retired when there was no real chance he would ever advance again.

The fighter had a whirlwind romance with Jazz singer Simone Tyner and many expected the couple to wed. It came to a shocking end when she unexpectedly left him and accepted the marriage proposal of actor Charles De Noir. Many boxing buffs point out that defeat as the real nail in his coffin and his performance faltered in the ring after that.

Since then Jack Falconi has been lost in the dustbin of boxing history. He drifted from one town to another and eventually was too washed up to fight. He worked as a cutman for a while but now maintains a presence as a trainer at the Dusty Knuckle Gym, largely forgotten by a populace that long ago adored him.

Jack Falconi in his heyday

Jack Falconi

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