Trouble in Paradiso

Jack Falconi voice log 2

“So, here I am again. Lived long enough and seen enough to warrant makin’ a second one of these. So after that mess with at Vincent’s suddenly everybody wanted to talk to me. Cops asked about it and I gave them a brief version of events, leavin a few details out. Then this honest to God man in black shows up, flashes a badge and says his name’s Agent Horrigan or somethin like that. Anyways, him I tell the whole thing too, even gave him the book. He kept asked if I heard a weird vibrating noise during the mess. I said no, and didn;t think anything of it until the other night.”

“Anyways, didn’t get a chance to contact any of the others right away, not that it matters, and I’m startin to believe in Destiny. See, I go out to a bar, one I hadn’t been to before, start hittin the bottle a bit, talkin to this bartended, Simon. Well he seems like a good enough guy and we get to talkin, I end up tellin him a bit about the incident at Vincent’s still leavin out the harder to believe parts. Well next day I decide it’s time to go bar hoppin for real, and I bring Simon along. We settle in over at the Lonestar. Doesn’t get the touristy types. Who should I see but Simone! I was drinkin a bit heavily and the events were a little hard to put together, but I think I said some nasty stuff to her. Have to apologize sometime… maybe.”

“So, she was there, Simon was there. Heck that teacher that survived at the casino with us was there too. We all got to talkin’ and drinkin. Eventually even some young that that works out at Ocean Land or Water World or whatever got talkin with us. It gets late and we all figure to move on. Well we’re all walkin down the street a bit and there’s a scream. A nasty one. So we go runnin, see if we can help and there’s the girl. Some kinda pop singer or somethin, and she’s all bitin this other woman’s neck out. Crazy as hell. Well she takes off runnin and a bunch of us go after her, right?”

Sound of drinking.

“Well, she ducks into this hotel that’s goin up and we start followin her, cept she’s crazy fast, and singing. It was bizzare, not as bizzare as crawlin porcelain hands but still… So, we chase her and she goes through a door. That’s when we hit a big ole shit house of weird again. Stairs are old and creeky and I swear ghosts start comin out of the walls. Tryin to tear off people’s parts! I wouldn;t think a ghost would go down to swingin crow bar or a series of body blows but they did. Water World and teacher lady got kinda banged up though. Still, I can’t just let this girl get away after she killed that woman. Cops’s never believe it and if she was big talent, someone from one of the crime families woulda got her off the hook. But I’m gettin ahead of myself. We get up to the roof and everything’s real hazy. Not just from the booze either, I mean it’s like fog on a cloudy day cept it wasn’t quite day break. Anyways, a fight breaks out between my crew and this crazy chick and she does somethin to me. It wasn’t just the booze, I SWEAR! It’s like she got in my head and I just couldn’t focus, I was out of it for a bit, when I came to my senses, I had layed out poor teacher lady, man I gotta send her flowers or something. But we knocked the girl out and there’s this…Image behind her, like a guy with puppet strings or somethin comin out of his hands. And he doesn’t have a head, just a big old hole that goes to nowhere…then, shit… it’s harder to believe when I say it out loud.”

Long pause for a drink. Sound of a bottle crashing against the wall.

“Wolves… big wolves come out of the fog. Then the turn into men. Just like in them werewolf movies. We have some words, almost get in a big fight with them too. That mighta been a fight I would lose. Anyways, they tear the crazy girl to shreds, say they killed her Den Mother or some such. I don’t know anything about that. All I know is that they eventually let us off the hook. I staggered home, and Simone was on the couch. Shoulda talked to her but everythign had just gotten to me… I crashed.”

“Anyways, I’m thinkin real hard now. I don’t know much about all this weird stuff, but I remember stories, bout them Greeks or Romans or whatever… and how they had heroes that hunted monsters, killed em, like Hercules. If there’s more, and now I’m pretty damned sure there are more things out there, and their hurtin regular folks. Well somebody’s gotta do somethin about it. Might as well be me. So the comin weeks, I’m gonna work on trainin Scagnetti’s up and comer… and when I’m not doin that, I’m gonna do a bit of diggin, maybe over at the library, read about some of them warrior cultures. Probly end up on the bad side of the cops but somebody’s gotta do somethin…Hell, I don’t know… just gonna try my best is all I guess. Jack Falconi, out.”



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